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Date: 2011-02-20, 4:38PM EST
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I’m 36 yo single mother of two with number three on the way. I’m 8 and a half months pregnant right now and I’m just about ready to pop! I’m a believer in ecstatic birth, which says that giving birth is the most soulful sex act possible. I have felt it in person: When I homebirthed my last son, Phoenix, I avoided all the sterile and unnatural elements of a hospital operating room. Giving birth in my bathtub, I was free to allow wave after wave of orgasm roll over me, peaking just as his soul slid out of my canal. As my son came, so too did I.

I have consulted with my spiritual midwife and she has agreed that for baby number 3 I could take things a bit further: I want a man to come and share the joy of birth by making love to my anus as my child crowns. I have already experienced anal penetration and I have already experienced orgasmic birth. Now it is time to combine these two sexual activities and absolutely maximize the sacred sexual potential of my body’s portals. As one exits, another enters.

Any man replying to this ad must be okay with entering himself into me, deeply, me while I bring a life into this world. You should also know birthing is a long process, and I’ve always felt that the baby will arrive only when he/she is ready, so the ability to maintain a state of extreme arousal for a good long time is a must. This sexual birth will of course take place in the presence of my spiritual midwife Mana, my parents, a few neighbors, my two other children, and at least one video recorder (so that the new baby can watch his/her own birth later in life.) You should know that a newborn also comes with a lot of presents (placenta, afterbirth, blood), so if having anal sex in the presence of these natural things is upsetting to you, please do not reply to this ad.

Remember: Your role is a sacred one. After the analling and birth is complete you will be welcomed into the family as a godfather of the child.

Please send a picture and I’ll be in touch :)


Subject: re: Anal sex me while I give birth

While I admit this is uncharted terrain for me, fuck it – I’m game! ;-)

Reply with your pics if you like what you see and are still interested.

25 thoughts on “Anal sex me while I give birth – w4m – 36 (Gramercy)

  1. Bill

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I think I missed this opportunity though based on the date of the ad. I know it won’t be the same as having anal sex during birth, but if you want, we can still invite your parents, kids, and neighbours over to relive this anal blasting adventure.
    Yours truly,
    Andy “Sphincter” Bugg

  2. Remy

    If I was a lesser man I would agree to such a thing. Alas for you, I only intend to do such things with my own wife I shall one day have. I commend you on abandoning societys preconceived notions of what is and isn’t appropriate. All I can say is where is your husband in this matter? Adultery is by far the worst thing imaginable.


  3. bakedog21

    if you have another child or just want to have some fun please look me up. the thought of someone having anal while giving birth is prob the hottest thing i ever hear and i would love to see. thx

  4. Anonymous

    Wow! Well did anyone actually go through with it? I’d love to see the video because I roleplay this sort of thing all the time. Birthing is a great fetish of mine and being able to pleasure the woman even further myself by sexually stimulating her anus with my own sexual organ as she’s pushing would be more than amazing. I realize this is probably over by now….and if you DO have the video…I’d definitley love to see it, with your permission of course(And of course no one else would see it either.). This is something great that I never thought anyone would actually think of going through with, and I’m glad that a courageous female actually went through with it. I hope I can find a wife like you someday, and sexually arouse her during birth. <3.

  5. Eleni

    I didn’t think someone else would think of it… Being very much into anal sex, anal fisting and anal object insertion, i really wanted to try it, so when i got pregnant the first time, tried it with my boyfriend and loved it!!! Since then i’ve given birth 2 more times and both were while having anal sex.

  6. Julia Jones

    I wonder how this had turned out for this person. Anyone knows? I have a feeling this “woman” has a fetish for such activities but I highly doubt this is real. The pain is so unbearable during labor and the childbirth process that you forget all these arousal activities unless of course you keep in mind to do such things (stimulating your clitoris, and any other sensitive areas, etc.). You won’t even know what went in or out as you focus on your labor breathing throughout the whole process (take 5-12 hours at least) and try to push out the baby.

    Although I am a complete liberal on the notion of natural birth, I am not sure having anal sex (in whichever position one can master) during the birthing process is feasible…if not downright impossible. Cool idea though…but hasn’t seen any actual proof yet from anywhere.

    Wish the video was there for proof or else I call it fake.

    1. Julia Jones

      Also don’t forget how constricted the anus get as the baby is passing out through the cervix and compressing the muscle directly parallel to the rectum as it is flowing out the vagina. The baby head itself will shrink the anal cavity to a peanut size, ergo; why lot of women either feel like they will defecate while in the process of birth…so yeah the story is just a fantastic one but definitely not real.

      P.S. go suck on a lemon, douchbag! Ever had any pain in your life? Childbirth should be something women should embrace instead of living in the dark. Do you know how painful it is? Some women are willing to do anything at that moment just so they can have little pleasure. Pain outweighs any pleasure during that process…Ask your mom and get educated in natural aspect of bringing a new life to the world. Dumbass!

  7. triplewhammy

    I will perform this, but only if it can be a chain of 19 men with myself at the lead. Each man must be progressively less intelligent, with the last man at a near vegetative state. When the baby emerges, we will pass it along between our legs to the rear, where the vegetable man will consume it, thus completing the circle of life.

  8. Henry Buitron

    I should like to participate in fucking you up the ass as you give birth to your child. I find this very arousing and sexy. Please E-mail me back and let me know if you would like to speak some more on the phone about this.
    Sincerely – Henry Buitron


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